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in paris, France

What could be more fun and more memorable than a boudoir session in Paris, France? The world's most romantic city is filled with beauty at every turn, and this is your opportunity to celebrate yourself and have an experience you've always wanted to have!

A bit nervous? I completely understand! We all have fears and insecurities, and feeling a bit vulnerable can also feel uncomfortable. But no worries, it's my goal to show you just how beautiful you are and provide you an unforgettable experience in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment!

I'm originally from the US, and I've been living in Paris for over a decade. I've been honored to work with some amazing women, just like you! You're in good hands!

hello, I'm Karina!

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Friendly & calming female English speaking boudoir photographer in Paris



Every body

It's really not about how we look, it's about how we feel when we look at ourselves.

Have you ever walked by a mirror and felt unhappy with what you saw? I know I sure have! Despite having run 21 marathons, and trying to take care of myself for decades, I still have days when I look in the mirror and think, ugh, really?

The truth is, we are more than our looks. Our bodies are miracles, every day, everything they do for us, and no matter what you think are your flaws, the things that bother or annoy you, you are beautiful!

Let me show you how beautiful you are with a positive, empowering and unforgettable boudoir photo session in Paris.

Paris is the perfect place to treat yourself to the boudoir session of your dreams, there is no more beautiful city, where you can make your dreams come true!