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Where are you based and do you speak English?

I'm an American based in Paris, speaking English as my native language and also speaking French. I also have a home in Provence, and often serve clients in Provence, Nice & the French Riviera.

How did you become interested in boudoir photography?

After photographing so many wonderful women visiting Paris, and enjoying creating this art for them, I became interested in offering an even more meaningful and artistic offering through boudoir photography. I love working with women to capture their essence, and also to shine a light on their external and internal beauty. I'm highly motivated to help others, help them feel great, and have wonderful experiences, particularly in Paris!

How does a Paris boudoir session with you work?

First, we get to know each other, and your desires for your Paris boudoir session. I'll send you a questionnaire to grab some quick details from you, and then we'll schedule a call to discuss your session. Then, we'll select the date and any other details you want to share. You're encouraged to select an outfit and accessories that you feel great in, and bring from home to Paris with you (or go on a Paris shopping spree! Beautiful lingerie, stockings, high heels--whatever you feel most comfortable in. Also, hats, scarves, sunglasses, this is the time we have fun and get creative!

You can choose to have a professional makeup artist who will also do your hair, or you can do your own hair and makeup. As my photography is generally in black & white, some skin imperfections that would appear more clearly in color, won't be as obvious in B&W and makes you look amazing!

The day of, you have several choices on where we'll meet, whatever you feel most comfortable with. We can meet at your Airbnb or hotel, which are usually the best options, but if you prefer a simple studio set up, that could be arranged as well.

The sessions typically last from 1 - 1/2 hours, giving you time to get warmed up and comfortable. After we finish, I'll return to my office and start the editing process, and we'll met up again for your Reveal Session, where you'll select your favorite images!

How much editing & re-touching is done? Do you do body slimming, wrinkle removal, etc?

I want to capture the real you, and therefore in general I dislike the thought of body alteration on a person during the editing process. During the session, if there are parts of your body you dislike or would like to conceal, this can be done easily with a sheet, hat or other props, as well as lighting techniques, using shadows, etc. The beauty of black and white photography is that it de-emphasizes areas of our bodies we may not like and gives us lots of options. If you still feel like you'd like significant body alteration, then I'm pleased to recommend professional retouchers to you that would be able to enhance your photos at an additional charge. Also, you can feel free to be upfront with me about your areas of concern so that I'm aware of them as I'm photographing you.

What if I'm feeling uncomfortable?

The thought of a professional photo session, in and of itself can be a terrifying thought to a lot of people. Not to mention, adding on a boudoir element! That's why we talk ahead of time, set expectations and on the day of, we'll ease into the session as you see fit, you set the pace. I'm a super friendly, chatty person, I'm interactive, and I'll be checking in on you to see how you're feeling throughout the entire process. Of course, as you set the rules, if you're uncomfortable for any reason, we'll address and re-adjust, but it's my goal that you feel so comfortable and have so much fun, that you never want your session to end!

What if I want color photos instead of just black & white? What's your style?

While I specialize in black & white boudoir photography, you can let me know if you prefer color or would like both. I do urge you though to consider the black & white photography experience, as it's quite dramatic and beautiful, as well as unique. Its my goal to create unique art of you, and to tell your story. I use shadows and light, and for boudoir, my aim is for a darker and moodier vibe, mysterious, romantic, alluring, daring and cinematic. So many boudoir photographers specialize in light and bright and airy boudoir photography, and I really wanted to do something unique and different!

Is there the possibility to do a photo session in Paris, say, with the Eiffel Tower?

Yes! Collection 1: The Ultimate, includes a portrait session at the Eiffel Tower or location of your choosing. We typically do the portrait session the day after your boudoir session, but it's flexible. This is the perfect time to go glam and bring the gown you've always wanted to wear (or rent one in Paris).

What can I do with my photos?

Each collection includes digital images, that you can access through an online gallery, whenever you like. There's also the possibility to create other artwork through your gallery. You can see the collections and what they include, here. You have personal print rights to your photos, and they will never be shared without your express consent. You can create a beautiful album or folio from your images, there are so many ways to enjoy them.

Can I bring a partner or friend with me?

If you feel more comfortable starting your boudoir session with your partner or friend, they're welcome to attend. However, I recommend that after your session starts, that they go grab a coffee and croissant at a nearby café, as this allows you to have a really personalized experience without distractions. The overall experience will be much better!

How is payment made, and what is your cancellation policy?

To reserve your boudoir session, a non-refundable retainer of 30% of your collection price is requested to reserve your date. While this retainer isn't refundable, it can be gifted or used within the period of one (1) year, should your plans change. The balance of your session will be due day-of, and you can pay by secure credit card payment. 

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